as my humanities journey ends ..

Nearing the end of Spring quarter 2017, I never thought I would admit to enjoying a class such as Humanities Core. Taking this course wasn’t exactly a choice I was excited to make, as each quarter started and the seminar TA  asked the ice breaker question; “Why did you take Humanities Core ?”  my answer was always ” it is a prerequisite for my major, Human Biology.” A statement that still holds true, but the course means much more to me as I reach the end of this school year.

Enrolling into Humanities, I was informed that it was a mixture of subjects such as English and History, requiring a lot of work and extensive studying. They were right, we were given paper after paper, blog after blog, and an abundant amount of readings. Later we were tested on all the texts and the concepts on week 5 and finals week. Yet, from all the subjects I was in this year I enjoyed it most.

Humanities Core exposes each student to countless information through different times, places, and forms. We have explored cultures, governments, literature, art, cinematography, and much more. All showing their pertinence to the theme of Empire and its Ruins.

colosseum-sketch-9.jpgScreen Shot 2017-06-02 at 3.40.59 PM.png1010_PFCJustinBlue.jpgFrom learning how the Roman Empire progressed to how The Tempest interpreted colonialism  to how the Vietnam War changes national memory, we were taught how to construe all these concepts and relate them to humanities. We were asked questions, not to answer, but to think about. This course has opened my mind to a lot, it is a course that makes you think concisely about the world, it shows a world in gray not black and white. From the very beginning we were told of the importance of perspective from Professor Lazo, helping us tackle each text and each paper, giving us the mentality that there is much more than just right and wrong, it is how we interpret it.

Not only have we been exposed to different material but different teaching styles as well, with the different lecturers and even TAs in each quarter. All of them shared their intelligence distinctly, teaching us to adapt not only to new ideas but to new ways of teaching and learning. Not only did this help with comprehension but with progressive writing, each paper or blog we are given feedback on how to improve our writing. I can confidently say that my writing has progressed through technicality and creativeness, my writing style has been dynamic. Don’t get me wrong, there are many more ways I can improve my writing, but through Humanities it has been beneficial to write those lengthy papers.

Overall, if a TA were to follow but the question of why I took Humanities Core with “would you recommend for someone to take Humanities Core?” my answer would be ” definitely.” Humanities has been a journey, I am more aware  of the importance of the subject, it helps you not only with your credits. I have grown as a student and a human.

But if you need more convincing here is a website that persuaded me to take it:



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